The church’s aging boiler failed repeatedly last winter, causing expensive emergency repairs.  Recent, professional assessment resulted in a strong recommendation for replacement this summer rather than risk catastrophic failure when we need heat the most.  Research on appropriate equipment that meets engineering standards for our historical building has produced one bid of $225,000 and another bid has been requested.  Because this is an unexpected and unbudgeted expense, the Trustees have explored ways to finance the work in a timely way. To meet the heating season deadline, maintain reasonable reserves, and avoid significant debt, the Trustees recommend dividing the cost so that half comes from reserves (to be replaced over time) and half comes from a loan (to be repaid on a reasonable schedule).  The Facilities Committee would evaluate bids and forward a recommendation to the Trustees for review. The Moderator and Treasurer will then sign a contract with the chosen vendor and the Trustees will arrange a loan with acceptable terms.  Facilities and Trustees will approach the project holistically, engaging independent engineering advice, seeking a highly-energy-efficient installation, and anticipating the likelihood of eventual air conditioning.

At the special congregational meeting after worship on July 27, we will vote to grant the Trustees and Facilities committee the authority to pursue the plan outlined above.
Special Congregational Meeting July 27

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