Since 2007 Mary Hakes has been diligently coordinating the Scrip program for First UCC. She has decided it is time to hand over the reins to someone else. We are deeply grateful for Mary’s faithful leadership of this program. Read the following from Mary if you are interested in coordinating Script for First UCC.

“It’s not a huge time commitment, about 60-90 minutes on Sundays after worship, and about 30 minutes during the week to pick up Co-op cards and fill the orders. The most important thing is that there’s always someone there to take orders on Sunday, and submit the online order within a day or two. The person who takes this on should have good math skills (understand debits & credits, balancing funds that come in and out of the account), good computer skills to manage the online ordering, and be a meticulous record-keeper. (I worked at Chicago Title for years as a mortgage closer – those skills have served me well as head Scripper!)”

See Mary Hakes at the Scrip table after worship if you have interest in coordinating Scrip.

Scrip Coordinator Needed

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