The Council has called a special Congregational Meeting March 16th immediately following worship. At that meeting the Congregation will vote on whether to purchase a solar array for the office wing of the church on the condition that we receive state incentives. First UCC has entered a state lottery for incentives along with other organizations wanting to install solar. Here is a proposal from AllEnergy Solar and Ten K, a company out of Bloomington.

The solar group felt this was the best proposal we’d seen. Our initial cost will be $58,363, but through state incentives we will receive payments over the course of ten years that will reduce our cost to $24,255.73. This is $7,000 less than other proposals. AllEnergy Solar has been using the Ten K panel for three years and is confident that it is a high quality and durable panel.

We will need to replace the shingles on the office wing before the solar array is installed, and we expect that cost to be close to $5000. We are exploring the change in our insurance, but we don’t expect it to be substantial.

If we do not receive funds through the lottery the deal is off, and we are free to apply for another incentive program in April or May. Other incentives will not be as generous.

The church has funds to pay the initial cost. Leadership is exploring selling and reinvesting our Excel Energy stock to cover half of the cost of the array. Various options for covering the rest of the cost of the array are being considered.

The Solar Group is excited to be at this place in the process. Please plan to attend the Congregational Meeting on March 16th.

Congregational Meeting on March 16th

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