As you may know, First UCC is beginning an all church service project creating Calmness Kits. They will be sold as a fundraiser for Rice County Mental Health Collective and will be given out to those in need of calmness as outreach. There are tasks for all ages from preschool on up.

How can you help?

  • What helps you to feel calm? Think about it. We will be asking.
  • Do you have extra, unneeded wood (for sand meditation box) or fabric (for cloth bags)?
  • Like woodworking? Sewing? We need box makers and people to sew bags. We have instructions.
  • Musical talent you are willing to share? A part of the kit will be a CD with music.
  • Is there a place, activity, or ritual that helps you feel calm? We would love to hear about it in the form of artwork, a photograph, a poem, or a short essay. These submissions will go into a book that will part of the kit.
  • Willing to help financially? Donations are welcome for materials, recording time, etc.

If you have questions or are willing to help in any way, you can contact Shannon Garlitz or Janet Muth, or email [email protected].

All Church Wellness Project

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