1st UCC Northfield is open for inquiries! We submitted the necessary profiles, descriptors, etc. to the UCC Conference, which posted this tantalizing summary on their online classifieds page:

Active Peace and Justice and ONA congregation in two-college town (40 minutes from Minneapolis) seeks Associate Minister to work closely with Senior Minister, provide leadership in faith formation for all ages, and share pastoral care. Gifted church is ready to grow in spirit and outreach. Visit us at firstucc.org.

We will meet again with the chair of the Senior Minister Search, David Beimers, mid-October to learn more about the reading, vetting and interview experience that committee used so successfully and discuss how to adapt those experiences to our search for an Associate Minister.

Keep an eye on our progress on the bulletin board in the Assembly Room. And/or talk to one of the committee members: Margit Johnson, Nancy Johnson-Maloney, Kaara Maki, Will Marroquin-Haslett, Jerry Mohrig, Greg Muth, Bill Poehlmann and Jami Reister.

Update from the Associate Minister Search and Call Committee

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