The Fighting Apostles learned an Old Testament lesson in humility in a 12-1 loss to league-leading St. Dominic’s Blue.

We were down 8-0 before we got our cleats on, and we were never able to climb out of that hole. The post-game analysis went something like this: “They hit it where we weren’t. We hit it where they were. End of story.”

The game was marred by some internal controversy that we are trying to keep behind clubhouse doors. Someone in orange socks named Matt questioned the “risk-averse nature” of our third base coach, Dave Hauck. Well, someone had to stand up for the Old Scout. Once the jawing subsided, we discovered Blue had scored four more times. Lesson learned.

We had our moments, however. While our bats napped, our guys made some great defensive plays. Our pitcher, Tim Newman, saw his life pass before him a nanosecond before snaring a line shot hurtling towards his forehead. Tim’s son, Jacob, made some nice plays at third. Todd Smith-Lippert showed good range in left center and made a lunging catch to end an inning, and Greg Muth made several crisp plays at short.

Next week, we will return to face Methodist White at Sechler Field One at 4:50 p.m. We will see if we can reclaim our mojo and bring home a win.

Apostles Fade to Black against Blue

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