This summer we’ll be spending time with the stories of King David in worship.  So, you are invited to place three books on your summer reading list.  The first two, 1st and 2nd Samuel, are the two books of the Bible that contain the stories of David. Beginning June 26th, there will be noon hour Bible studies led by Pastor Todd.  These will continue through the summer.   The third book for the reading list is King David: A Biography by Steven L. McKenzie.  This book is an attempt to determine what we can know about the historical David, and the view of David that’s given is one that is widely endorsed by scholars.  The adult ed committee will make a few copies available in the church library. Opportunities to discuss the book by McKenzie will be posted during July and August.
The church will have copies of David: A Biography by Steven McKenzie for sale at $15.00 each.

Summer Reading Series and Discussion

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