A Racial Justice Covenant prepared by First UCC members of an informal racial justice team was presented to the congregation on Martin Luther King Sunday, January 16, 2022 , and again at the Annual Meeting on January 30, 2022 . The covenant was presented as a draft, with the understanding that it is still open to change.

The draft statement reads:

We covenant with God and each other to engage in the work of racial justice to unmask,
dismantle and eradicate racism from our society. Our actions will include acknowledging our racist
history and repenting of our role in systemic racism; creating new relationships and building existing
relationships to work toward racial equality; committing resources to the cause of racial justice; and
listening to, trusting, and valuing the lived experiences of the people most impacted by racism.
We, members of First United Church of Christ, commit to a vision of the world we believe God imagined, where all people are treated with equality and dignity.