At the Border

Gina Washburn will be joining Mayflower UCC members on a trip to the U.S./Mexican border October 11 to 15, 2022, to bear witness to the conditions affecting our migrant neighbors.

The group will:

    • Meet with Kate Scott from the Madrean Archipelago Wild Center.
    • Meet with Nellie Jo David, from the Hia-Cid O’odham tribe, to learn about the effect of the border wall and the militarization on her tribal land.
    • Take a desert walk with someone from the Green Valley Samaritans.
    • Visit Casa de Misericordia in Nogales, Sanora.
    • Visit a shelter that Reverend Randy Mayer is very involved with.
    • Possibly meet with Todd Miller, a journalist and author of Build Bridges Not Walls, as well as meet with someone from the Tucson office of the ACLU.