He Mni Can & Barn Bluff Field Trip – July 8, 2023

Thanks to the Rafferty’s, Leota Goodney, and Jane Jeffery for joining Eric and I (Margit) in our field trip to He Mni Can/Barn Bluff in Red Wing. The work that the City of Red Wing has done with the Prairie Island Indian Community since 2016 is becoming more and more evident. 

The regalia was beautiful – rendered in beads, feathers, applique, furs, horns, ribbons, wool, satins, fleece, and leather.

The view from the tip of the bluff continues to inspire and aew the many hikers of all ages who clamber up the trails.

Afterwards our sturdy group went in several different directions. Eric and I drove north to the Prairie Island Indian community where they are hosting their summer wacipi/pow wow. It is billed as their largest gathering of the three they host each year. We saw license plaets from many different states and several Canadian provinces. Tents and RVs formed a veritable small city surrounding the pow wow grounds.

Thanks again for all who joined us!

The information at the new enterance to the bluff hike is rich in Dakota history.

And what a beautiful day for hiking and watching the wacipi dancers! The bluff is always available for visitors. The Wacipi continued through Sunday, July 9.