Below you’ll find all media content that First UCC Northfield creates for internal and external viewing, including Mindful Moments, Instagram posts, congregational and community events, and more. Enjoy!

Mindful Moments

Looking for some peace? Maybe you need a little motivation or some reassurance. You’ll be sure to find a little bit of everything here!


Events include (but certainly aren’t limited to!) Pride in the Park, Theo Wee’s retirement party, special services, and community services. See how committed First UCC is to the Northfield community!

Quest Travel Portfolio

Quest: The Awakened Traveler is a four-week worship series which helps honor the travelers among us. Congregants participate by sending in travel photos of themselves or family during their most recent expeditions (or in their favorite places). Here you’ll see some gorgeous pictures from all over the U.S. and the world. Take a look – you might just find some inspiration for your next journey!


Explanation unnecessary… it’s our Instagram!