It’s easy to set up online giving to First UCC! The first is through your own bank. Many banks offer free online bill pay services, which you can set up for recurring or one-time payments. This method has no cost to the church and probably no cost to you, though you should check with your bank to be sure. 

Online giving is also available through our new church management software called Breeze, which makes it easy to set up your recurring gift for 2022!

Here’s how to get started:

Set up an account

Although you aren’t required to set up an account with Breeze, it is recommended because through it you can track your giving, modify gifts, and more. Simply click the “Give Online!” button above, then click “Create Account” and follow the instructions. 

Set up a Recurring Gift for 2022

  1. Click the “Give Online!” button, above.
  2. Enter the amount you’d like to give
  3. Click the dropdown that shows the words “one time gift’ and select a different frequency from the menu (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, yearly)
  4. Select the date you would like your gift to begin
  5. Select your Payment Method–ACH Transfer (preferred) or Credit/Debit Card. Then click “Continue”
  6. Enter your Contact and Payment Information and choose if you would like to cover the processing fees 
  7. Click the “Give $” button

Make One-Time Gifts

If you’d like to give a one-time gift, simply click the “Give Online” button, above. Or text the amount you’d like to donate (example: 50) to (507) 335-2335 and follow the prompts for a one-time set up. In the future, you’ll simply be able to text the gift amount to our giving number and hit send!

The Cost

Giving to First UCC online is convenient, but Breeze does charge a small fee to the church: 1% of the donation + $0.25 per transaction for Bank Transfers, and 2.9% of the donation + $0.30 per transaction for Credit/Debit Cards. When you set up your recurring or one-time gift online via Breeze, you can choose to cover the cost of the transaction fee. Texting through your mobile device may not give you this option.

If you have any questions, you can contact the church office (; 507-645-7532) for assistance. If you prefer for the church office to set up electronic giving on your behalf, fill out the 2022 Electronic Giving Authorization Form and return it with a voided check to the church office.

Thank you for your generous giving!

Please note: If you set up a recurring gift in Breeze, you will NOT see it in your Breeze portal until the first gift has occurred. Do not submit twice! If you need verification that your submission went through and your recurring gift is set up, please contact

If you’re a Recurring Giver in Engage (current system being phased out), the church office will turn off giving through Engage by December 31 which will cancel any scheduled gifts for 2022. You don’t have to do anything further to close out your giving through Engage.