Dear Friends,

As 2023 draws to a close I am grateful for my first year as Director of the Damascus Project, the shared theological learning ministry of the Minnesota and Wisconsin Conferences, United Church of Christ.

The Damascus Project was formed in 2017, envisioning a new way of nurturing clergy and laity toward theological enrichment and shared ministry across the two Conferences. This ‘new way’ of collaborative, online learning was akin to the Apostle Paul’s new way of seeing on the Damascus Road, hence the project’s name.

Learning takes place on the Damascus Project Network, a social media conversation and learning space which houses our classes, conversation for anyone whether taking a class or not, and serves as a meeting space and materials repository for various groups and cohorts throughout our Conferences and the wider UCC.

Since its inception, the Damascus Project has focused on two of its stated objectives. It has created a core curriculum for theologically curious lay people and for those on an alternate path to authorized ministry, emphasizing three curricular areas: Faith Foundations, Ministry Studies, and Leadership Skills. This curriculum aims to build competencies aligned with the Marks of Faithful and Effective UCC Ministers. The Damascus Project uses a learning assessment tool relative to the Marks, designed by Dr. Sandra Graham, Professor of Psychology and former Dean of Alverno College, Milwaukee, who is an expert in outcome-based adult learning.

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~ Rev. Stephanie Perdew, PhD
Director, the Damascus Project

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