This past Sunday, June 11, First UCC held a retirement celebration for Theo Wee who has been the organist and Minister of Music for the congregation for 54 years. We are blessed to have had Theo with us and wish her all the best in her retirement! Click here to watch Theo’s celebration Service.


This musical star, we attest,

Is the brightest as well as the best.

Praise to the Lord

For each note and each cord

That Theo has ever expressed.

And she’s gotten us all to cut loose

With our gifts, which we know are profuse.

Praise to the Lord

For each note and each chord

That Theo has helped us produce.

All God’s critters, the great and the small,

Are in tune with her heavenly call.

Praise to the Lord

For each note and each chord

And for Theo, the source of them all.

-Christopher Brunelle – Director of Music


Theo’s Letter of Thanks

Last Sunday’s Service and reception on June 11th was such a wonderful gathering and celebration of our years of working and worshiping together! To have had the opportunity to serve as your organist/Minister of Music for so many, many events (weddings, funerals, clergy ordinations and installations, participating in kid’s musicals; the list goes on!) and countless hours of choir rehearsals, meetings, and services has been an honor and blessing which I will always cherish.

In addition, my heart is filled with gratitude for the congregation’s contributions given to establish a fund which will aid in the support of the continuation of First UCC’s Music Ministry, and also encourage and promote any future projects and leadership. Furthermore, I am deeply appreciative of and moved by your incredibly generous personal gift. For all the many friendships and shared times together, my family and I together offer our deepest thanks to each and every one of you.

-Theo Wee