Join us in worship on Sunday, October 30, for Commitment Sunday!

Our stewardship theme this year, Go and Do the Same, is a powerful reminder of our commitment to be genuine followers of the gospel. It is a call to discipleship, to be more like the image of Jesus, so that our faith may be recognized by our actions toward others. At one level, we could infer that our “job” as a Christian is to do for others the way that the “good” Samaritan did for the man who fell among robbers. Be kind, compassionate, generous, and concerned for others in need. Give of yourself. Give financially. Make a difference. All laudable characteristics, to be sure.

At another level however, it is a commitment not only to a set of particular actions or behaviors, but a dedication to a way of being. It is about a response to God’s purpose at work in individuals and the community as a whole. This understanding is about being agents of transformation in the unfolding Realm of God around us. It is about extending the blessing of health and wholeness to all of creation, because we are certain that this is ultimately what God desires. The world is broken and hurting and we are called to be a movement for wholeness among its many fractured pieces. We are agents of grace.

Our faithful financial stewardship is one way we work against the powers that harm and divide. Our generosity funds the mission and ministry that we are deploying as a sign that God’s Realm is among us. On Sunday, October 30, you’re invited to join us in worship for Commitment Sunday as we offer up our gifts and join together to celebrate all God is doing through and with us. Worship will be followed by a time of celebration and fellowship. See you there!