Under Her Wings
Second Sunday in Lent
March 13, 2022
Preacher: Cindy Maddox| Passage: Luke 13:31–35| Service Type: Sunday Morning
Music reprinted and streamed with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-722468. All rights reserved.
Lord, Draw Near by John Bell © 1987 GIA Publishing. All rights reserved.All rights reserved.
All Who Love and Serve Your City, words by Eric Routely © 1969 Stainer & Bell Ltd.
All Who Love and Serve Your City, music by Peter Cutts © 1969 Hope Publishing Co.
God, Like a Mother Hen, Text © 2001 Eakin Press.
Community of Christ, Text © 1992 Hope Publishing Co.
The Bear Guards Her Children, words by Adam L. Tice ©2015 GIA Publications.
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