Hearing in church can be a challenge for people with hearing loss.  Let’s talk about it.  First UCC will be hosting a panel discussion on hearing in religious services on Saturday June 15th at 10:00 am.  There will be discussion about the problems that hearing loss can cause for hearing in religious services and some solutions.  A temporary loop will be installed in the sanctuary.  If you have hearing aids and plan to attend, see your audiologist or hearing instrument dispenser to make sure your hearing aids will work with the loop.

Panelists include:
Pastor Todd Smith Lippert
Pastor Will Healy, Emmaus Church
Dr. Shannon Garlitz, Audiologist, AMC-Northfield
Debby Larsen, President, College City Sertoma

For questions or more information, please contact Shannon Garlitz.

Hearing in Religious Services Panel Discussion

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