People of faith are called to love, serve, and care for one another.  In our congregation, we answer this call in a variety of ways – some informal, some more organized.  People of all ages need help and support, and people of all ages can offer these gifts to others.
First UCC’s pastoral care ministry, provided by ministers and members, includes a wide range of caring activities.  Some examples are:
  • Visiting members in their homes, the hospital, or other residential settings
  • Providing meals, rides, childcare, and pet care for those with family health or family crises
  • Sending cards, letters, or emails to those who are homebound or separated from the congregation for other reasons (e.g. military service)
    • Phone calls of friendship, support, and care
    • Providing communion to home- or hospital-bound members
    • Offering help to new parents
    • Keeping vigil with the family of someone who is dying
    • Assisting in special services of healing, consolation, and pastoral care such as the “Longest Night Service”
If you are in need of pastoral care, please contact the office or our ministers.
If you are called to offer your time and energy to this ministry, please let us know by contacting Pastor Abby.