First UCC is a member of ISAIAH, a state-wide faith-based coalition working with congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota.

By uniting local congregations in a large regional organization, ISAIAH strengthens the ability of people of faith to to address both local and regional community issues, including mass incarceration, immigration, healthcare, and racial inequity.

The ISAIAH Team at First UCC regularly updates the congregation on opportunities for advocacy and action. Check out The Chronicle (weekly e-news) for updates.

Lakeshore Management of Skokie, IL, recently purchased the Viking Terrace property in Northfield. It sent new leases written only in English with numerous unreasonable and illegal requirements to mobile home owners, many of whom are versant only in Spanish. The management appears to be exploiting residents’ vulnerabilities to evict them and gentrify the property, causing severe financial loss and hardships for our friends and neighbors living there now. Join us in objecting to this on the State Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance form and stay tuned for more information and actions. In case you missed our meeting after worship last Sunday about the letter writing campaign on behalf of our neighbors in Viking Terrace, here is a link to more information about what to include in the State Attorney General form linked above. Questions about putting your faith into action through social justice and advocacy? Email