Rice County is currently in the Red Zone for COVID risk and transmission. The COVID Task Force is moving to require that everyone mask while in the church building. While wearing a mask, we protect both ourselves and those around us. The most effective mask is a KN95 or N95; if you do not have these, the next best option is to double mask. If you wear a single mask, a surgical mask is more effective than cloth. There are surgical masks available at the church entrances.


The First UCC building is available for use by internal and external groups, pending availability and approval. For external groups, events, or community use not related to church ministry, fill out the building use application form. There are no longer restrictions on building use based on COVID-19.

For meetings and gatherings related to First UCC ministry (i.e. committees, internal meetings and rehearsals, Faith Formation groups, etc), contact the church office regarding availability.

For all building users: the kitchen may be reserved for food preparation for gatherings or meetings. Food and beverage consumption is allowed indoors, but as the weather warms up, outdoor eating and drinking is encouraged. Lawn chairs are available for use for groups to meet outdoors on the lawn if they desire.

Please contact the church office ( to schedule meetings or gatherings.